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Drury Classes Create Projects for Zambia

Students in two Drury University classes are networking with a local outreach organization to create projects that meet educational and health care needs in Zambia. KSMU's Emily Nash reports.

The projects Drew Kiefer does in Dr. Amy Lewis's Project Management class at Drury University will make an international impact.

Students in the business class have been creating projects that address Zambia's economic and health needs.

Students in the Projects Management and History of Modern Africa classes have brainstormed projects to help the economy, education, and health care in Zambia.

The classes are working with CBoy projects, a Springfield based non-profit that helps Zambia.

Rachel Gettell is a senior in Professor Leah Blakey's History of Modern Africa class and came up with the idea of collecting fabric to send to Zambia.

The class also is creating a bass fishing training program, laminated vocabulary flashcards, and booklets with hygiene, cooking, and gardening information.

Candy Gentry is the director of CBoy Projects and is excited to see students interested in helping the Zambia people.

Gentry says CBoy Projects is working with the Drury classes to build the Ngo'me Orphanage outside of Lusaka, a latrine system.

Last Spring four members of Students in Free Enterprise, or SIFE traveled to Zambia with Gentry to build water filtration systems.

The trip was so successful that SIFE has taken the system to several other countries like Mexico and India.

Javierd (Havierd Vatrinidad) Vetrinadad is the International projects leader for SIFE and says it's easy to teach the community how to build these water filters out of sand, gravel, and rock.

Gentry says, all the projects the students have been working on will make a big difference in Africa.

This spring, four members of SIFE and members from CBoy Projects, will take the class projects to Zambia.