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Police Continue Investigation Into Brussels Terror Attacks


We're following the latest out of Brussels where more than 30 people were killed today after explosions hit the city's international airport and a subway station. The attacks happened during morning rush-hour.

Belgium has issues a level-four terror alert, the country's highest alert level. It denotes serious and imminent attack. The airport will remain closed tomorrow. People in the city have been told to remain indoors.


ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks. Belgian federal police have released a photo of a man in a hat pushing an airport luggage cart. They say they're actively seeking him. Officials say that two other men appearing in a wider photograph with the man wearing the hat may have acted as suicide bombers.

U.S. European Command says at least one service member and his family were hurt in the explosions, but we don't have further details. Officials have cited privacy concerns, and it's also not clear if any other Americans have been victims. We'll bring you the latest on that and the investigation as we learn more. Stay with us throughout the evening, and we'll be bringing you further coverage tomorrow on MORNING EDITION. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.