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Listen to the New UM System Interim President Speak about University Civil Rights History


Today, Mike Middleton was named University of Missouri System Interim President. Early last year,  Middleton, then MU deputy chancellor, sat down with KBIA's Intersection for a discussion of civil rights history at the university. 

From the original Show:

Locally, much has improved since the days of Jim Crow, but some believe that more can be done to make Columbia a more inclusive community.

This week on Intersection, we’ll take a look back at some of the civil rights gains at MU and the town at large, and talk about the lessons that can be learned from them.


Michael Middleton is MU’s deputy chancellor. Prior to that, he was a professor in the university’s School of Law. He also was the first African American student to enroll and graduate from MU’s law school.

William Horner is a Professor of Political Science at MU, and the co-author of a book on Lloyd Gaines, who was an early civil rights pioneer who challenged the Law School’s ban on African American students.

Mary Ratliff is the president of the state chapter of the NAACP, and has lived in Columbia since 1959. (joining by phbone)

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