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Round Up the Wagons for a 'Little House' Education

Book cover, "Pioneer Girl"

  In 1974, families in the United States became acquainted with the Ingalls family through NBC’s pop culture phenomenon “Little House on the Prairie.” Forty years later, the life and works of novelist Laura Ingalls Wilder – which the television series was loosely based upon – are still being studied, read and taught. Pamela Smith Hill from Missouri State’s English department discusses her upcoming free online course "Laura Ingalls Wilder: Exploring Her Work and Writing Life – The Early Years." The class will begin on Sept 22. 

Listen for the full interview.

Pamela Smith Hill is also the author of "A Voice from the Border," which is set in Civil War era Springfield, Missouri, and the editor of the soon-to-be released "Pioneer Girl," Wilder's previously unpublished autobiography.

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