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Volunteers Needed for Safe Rooms in Nixa

Photo Courtesy of Nixa Public Schools

Nixa’s two FEMA Safe Rooms are located in school buildings—one at Inman Intermediate and the other at Mathews Elementary.  And Nixa Public Schools spokesman Zac Rantz says there are plans in the next bond issue to add two more—one at Nixa High School and another at Nixa Junior High.

He says not only can students use the shelters during school hours if a tornado warning is issued, the public can use them, too.  And the Safe Rooms are open at all hours if they’re needed…

"They're designed as community safe rooms, so both our students in the schools and people in the community are invited to come into those," he said.

He says other schools in Nixa have designated areas for students to go to if a tornado warning is issued.

Each FEMA Safe Room can hold 1200-1400 people.

Nixa is looking for more volunteers to man the shelters…

"When a tornado watch is issued, we open the shelters and so, you know, if they're issued for 12 to 14 hours periods we need volunteers to just staff those to where we can let people in.  It's part of the FEMA guidelines that they open when a tornado watch is issued, so we want to make sure that those are staffed and then also in the event of some sort of emergency you do need kind of a team there that can rotate through, you know, different positions to where you give somebody a break that have been there for, you know, eight hours or something along those lines," he said.

Anyone interested in volunteering at one of Nixa’s Safe Rooms should contact Rantz at zacrantz@nixaschools.netor 449-3295.