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Mailboxes Knocked Down by Snowplows are Being Replaced

KSMU File photo
Photo Credit: Smithsonian National Postal Museum

Many area residents, particularly those in rural areas, are dealing with downed mailboxes after snow fell on the Ozarks Tuesday. 

Snowplows, working to clear roadways, pushed the heavy, wet snow into mailboxes, causing many of them to topple.

Angela Eden is spokesperson for MODOT in Southwest Missouri…

"Typically, when we get the heavy, wet snows, the snow kind of clumps together, and people have seen on the news where we've seen a lot of roof collapses, especially up north, the Kansas City area, some of the other communities where this heavy wet snow, I mean, it just weighs a lot, when you're in a snowplow, when you're travelling anywhere between 20 to 40 miles an hour and you're trying to get the roads cleared, any mailboxes that are really up close to the roadway, and they're not sturdy, they may get knocked down," she said.

She says MODOT urges property owners to be patient as crews work to replace the downed mailboxes.  They’ll be replaced with a United States Postal Service-approved mailbox and post.  More elaborate mailboxes must be replaced by property owners.

According to Eden, the replacement process will take several days to complete.

She estimates several hundred mailboxes have been knocked down mostly in rural counties in the state. She says it’s a problem they deal with after every heavy snow event.

Anyone who lives along a state route and would like to have their mailbox replaced should call MODOT at 888-275-6636.