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A monthly conversation with Missouri State University President Clif Smart.

Proposition B Would Have Provided Significant Funds to MSU


Missouri State University President Clif Smart, during his monthly visit with KSMU, says passage of Proposition B on November 6 would have provided between $7-8 million for the school a year.

The measure to increase the state’s tobacco tax from 17 to 90 cents per pack failed by less than two percentage points.

“You think about potential programs that could be expanded. You think about potential to do a meaningful pay raise that we haven’t been able to do – we’ve done little ones the last two years. But you think about having the potential for having an influx of money that is meaningful. So that’s why that was such a dissapointing result to have that close loss,” Smart said.

The University’s President also shared his thoughts on the upcoming state legislative session, which convenes January 9, and how he’ll be working to obtain more funding for the school.

You’ll also hear Mr. Smart’s comments on the looming fiscal cliff and how, if Congress fails to reach an agreement, it would impact higher education.

Click play above to hear the complete conversation.