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"Refilled Nest" Syndrome Can Create Stress for Entire Family

A number of social and financial hurdles are in the future for many students graduating from college.  More and more students are choosing either to continue living with their parents, or return home after unsuccessful tries at independence.   KSMU’s Matthew Barnes reports.

Unemployment, high rents, inflation and the knowledge that they can go back home are making some young adults move back in with their parents according a University of Missouri Extension release. 

The Extension office warns that parents who have received their grown-up children back into their homes should consider if are encouraging their children to stay dependent, rather than becoming responsible adults 

The release states that in order to prevent stressful problems, parents and the adult child should discuss the living situation before the child comes home.  Issues like household expenses and length of stay should all be discussed beforehand and it’s recommended to not encourage the child to stay indefinitely because it can ruin the young adult’s ability to learn independence. 

The most important thing is that the returning student realizes the relationship with their parents has changed.  Many parents may not have the same financial resources that they once had, especially if the parents retire. 

For KSMU News, I’m Matthew Barnes.