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Wilson Creek Kicks Off 'Arts in the Park' Concerts


Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield has a history rooted in Civil War times, and is considered one of the best preserved battlefields in the nation. Park officials would like for more people to experience this history-rich area, and are hoping to attract new park-goers with live music. KSMU’s Mike Donnelly reports.

Beginning on Saturday, May 7, The National Park Service will kick off the “Arts in the Park” 2011 festival, which will feature musical performances by area musicians ranging from traditional Ozarks bluegrass to contemporary tunes. They will be every Saturday until June 4th.

Park officials say that the concerts are designed to raise awareness of the park, so that once people experience the music, they might also be drawn to the park’s historical significance.

This is the 6th year of “Arts in the Park.” Ted Hillmer is the superintendent of Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield, and he says the concerts are usually a smashing success.

“We usually get about maybe 150 to 200 people per concert. It’s basically outside; if it rains, basically the concert’s cancelled. But just bring a lawn chair and maybe a picnic basket, and sit back and enjoy, and hopefully people will be coming to enjoy the concert then,” he said.

The majority of the concerts are free and open to the public, with the exception of the June 4th concert at the Ray House, which will cost $5 per person, and $10 per carload.

For more information on the “Arts in the Park,” including which bands will be performing, you can call the park at 732-2662 or click on the National Park Service's link below.

For KSMU News, I’m Mike Donnelly.