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McCaskill Calls for Reforms in Congress


Senator Claire McCaskill stopped by the Springfield-Branson National Airport on Tuesday to talk about a new package of congressional reforms. KSMU’s Brandon Goodwin reports.

Senator McCaskill announced three reforms that she says will change the rules, to make Congress more transparent and accountable.

“I think too often there are two sets of rules: one set of rules for most folks and another set of rules for members of congress,” said Senator Claire McCaskill.

She says the Senate needs an inspector general, something most other federal agencies have.

“And allow them to do audits and reports and investigation about any problems there may be with the way the Senate is run,” she said.

The reforms would also require members of the Senate to submit detailed reports before and after tax-funded international trips—something that isn’t currently required.

“There is a lot of foreign travel that frankly isn’t necessary and that we should be cutting back on. The problem is that it’s really hard to figure out when people are traveling on taxpayer dollars to foreign countries and what is the purpose of that travel,” she said.

McCaskill finished by asking her fellow Senators to return a percentage of their annual budgets to the Treasury to help cut the deficit. Last year the former auditor gave back eighteen percent of her’s.

McCaskill says she is unsure how the new proposals will be received in Washington.

“I think many of them will say, ‘Well, we have someone looking over our shoulder, it’s called an election ever two to six years, depending whether you’re in the House or the Senate.’ But I think the public deserves as much information as we can possibly provide them,” she said.

For KSMU News, I’m Brandon Goodwin.