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Jordan Valley Community Health Center Opens Pediatric Wing


Specialized medical care that focuses on children is not only hard to find it’s usually expensive. One clinic in the Ozarks is trying to change that and has just opened a new addition. KSMU’s Chasity Mayes reports.

Reporter: “I’m standing inside the new pediatric wing at Jordan Valley Community Health Center where medical officials say they are working hard to make sure that every child in the Ozarks has access to the highest quality of care.” “This is the first time they’ve had an actual pediatrician on staff.” That’s Jordan Valley Community Health Center’s new pediatrician, Dr. Rebecca Wotherspoon. She is the first physician specializing in pediatrics the center has had since it opened its doors in 2002.

“Jordan Valley has always taken care of children from infancy through adolescence, but that has always in the past been managed by family physicians, family nurse practioners, and pediatric nurse practitioners,” says Wortherspoon. Wortherspoon and three pediatric nurse practitioners will treat children in the new pediatric wing at Jordan Valley. In December of 2009, when the clinic opened its Obstetrics and Gynecology clinic named “Our Healthy Start,” it announced it would continue to seek additional services to enhance care for women and children.

Medical professionals at Jordan Valley say it’s important for children to be seen frequently throughout their childhood because it not only helps with early diagnoses, it also teaches children that taking care of themselves is important.

Rupali Mahure manages scheduling at the clinic. She says there’s a short waiting period for pediatric care.

“They would just call us at our main number and then give us their information and we would make an appointment for them. Usually we can get them in within a week,” said Mahure.

Jordan Valley Community Health Center provides dental, medical, behavioral, and now pediatric care. For patients without insurance, the clinic offers services at a reduced price to people with an income below 200% of the federal poverty level. Qualifying for this program requires some paperwork and proof of income; however, Jordan Valley says all patients receive the same expert care, with no exceptions.

The pediatric wing, which opened March 15th, accepts patients ranging in age from infants through 18 years of age.

For more information or to schedule an appointment you can call 831-0150.

For KSMU News, I’m Chasity Mayes.