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Snow Expected to Continue Throughout the Ozarks

Snow is falling across the Ozarks and should continue throughout the day. KSMU’s Missy Shelton spoke with a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Springfield and has this report.

Shelton: On the phone with me now is meteorologist Steve Lindenberg. Steve, I think most people expected to wake up to more snow than we're seeing right now, at least in the Sprinfield area. Is this storm doing something a little different than most meteorloists didn't anticipated?

Lindenberg: The problem is, we started off with a lot of dry air that the precipitation had to overcome much of the night. Most of the precipitation that has fallen has evaporated, trying to saturate the column of air in the atmosphere. Once we did that, it started sleeting and snowing around 2AM. Now we’re seeing a heavier band of snow develop across the area. Looks like snow is going to continue much of the day and into this evening.

Shelton: Are we looking at some significant accumulations for parts of the area?

Lindenberg: I think it will be less than we first thought but we’re still looking at 4-6 inches.

Shelton: When do you expect the snow to end?

Lindenberg: Probably late tonight, toward midnight or after.

Shelton: It’s my understanding it’s going to stay cold so this snow isn’t going anywhere. Is that right?

Lindenberg: That’s correct. It looks like our lows tonight will be close to the single digits. Highs tomorrow will be in the low 20’s.