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Nixon Announces Stimulus, State Funds For Wastewater, Drinking Water Projects

Dozens of Missouri communities will get a total of $266 million for wastewater and drinking water improvements, including some here in the Ozarks. KSMU’s Jennifer Moore reports.

The money for the projects comes from two sources: $146 million is from the federal stimulus funds and $120 million from Missouri’s Revolving Loan funds.

Democratic Governor Jay Nixon says it will improve important infrastructure while giving people jobs.

Nixon announced the construction plan Monday while visiting a work site for a wastewater pipeline at the intersection of Golden Avenue and Republic Road in Springfield.

“We think pulsing this money in is important right now. Under the rules and regulations, we’ve got to have that money used, or at least occupied, by February 17th, so we’re looking for a 90-day turnaround to turn those dollars into real action out in communities all across the state,” Nixon said.

The governor said it’s still too early to tell how many jobs this round of grants will create and sustain, but estimates it will be in the thousands.

The City of Springfield was one community awarded money for wastewater improvement projects: it will receive just over 16 million dollars.

Also, Houston will receive $4 million, Aurora has been awarded $281,050 and Nixa will receive $378,761 for wastewater projects there.

Ava is set to receive $3,500,000 for drinking water system improvements.

For KSMU News, I’m Jennifer Moore.