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Flooding is a Problem Today in the Ozarks

The rain continues to fall in the region, leading to flooding across the area. KSMU's Michele Skalicky has more...

Lots of rain has fallen on the Ozarks since Thursday morning. Andy Foster is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service office in Springfield...

"Well, we had widespread rainfall amounts in the order of four to seven inches across the area. Of course, it began early yesterday and continued into this morning. Here at the weather service office in Springfield, we've recorded 5 and a half inches so far, and four and a half fell during the day Thursday. Another inch has fallen since midnight, and those amounts have been common across the area. We've had localized amounts reported to us by unofficial observers up to eight to ten inches in places. We've had a couple of reports of that in Christian County."

All the rain has resulted in flooding across the Ozarks...

"Numerous roads are flooded. That includes county roads--of course, low-water crossings, but even state highways across the area, so you definitely want to be aware as you're travelling out this morning that it could be plenty of roads along your route."

A flash flood warning is in effect thru 10 this morning in Southern and Central Missouri. A flash flood warning remains in effect until 8:45 am in North Central Arkansas. Foster says some warnings will likely be extended.

For KSMU News, I'm Michele Skalicky.