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Campbell Elementary in Springfield Begins School Year with Air Conditioning

Springfield Public School students said goodbye to summer and hello to a new school year today. KSMU’s Missy Shelton visited Campbell where she found a whole new meaning to the catchphrase: “Be cool, stay in school.”

Shelton: I'm standing outside of Campbell ELementary School in central Springfield. The sound you hear behind me is the sound of air conditioners hard at work. It's an especially welcome sound here at Campbell. This is the first year the school has had air conditioning and the staff and students are very grateful.

Anderson: Usually, this time of year, in this red building, it's like an easy bake oven, it just soaks up the sun and keeps the heat in until the late fall when things really cool off.

Shelton: Campbell Principal J. Anderson says workers began installing the air conditioning system as soon as school ended in the spring. The process was a bit challenging with the school’s high ceilings. The air conditioning infrastructure is hidden under a lower ceiling that also provides better lighting in hallways. Anderson says having air conditioning makes a real difference for students and staff.

Anderson: It's a comfort issue. And it's not much different from if you've had enough sleep the night before or enough to eat. Those basic necessities impact a student's ability to learn, a teacher's ability to teach.Shelton: The school’s gymnasium is without air conditioning but Anderson says he expects that room to be in the system by the end of this week.