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New Magazine Targets Urban Pet Owners


There’s a new magazine in the Ozarks--one that is created specifically for urban pet owners. The publishers say it’s the only magazine of its kind in southwest Missouri. KSMU’s Adam Murphy reports.

TAME pet magazine was created by local pet lovers Connie Rhoades and Stephanie Ponder. 10,000 free copies of TAME’s first issue were released in March to over 30 distribution points across southwest Missouri, including pet stores, bookstores, and restaurants. Connie Rhoades, co-founder and editorial director, shares her favorite experiences from the premiere of the magazine.

“Our family, when they saw they were so proud of it and that made us really happy. We were excited the day that thing came off the truck the first time. Stephanie and I were out there helping them unload it because we couldn’t wait to get the TAMEs off the truck,” Rhoades said.

The magazine is published quarterly. The next issue comes out in mid-June. June’s issue will be centered on travel and summer safety for pets. Among the new features will be a section called “Shop and Play,” which will include coupons and promotions from area businesses.

Based on the success of the first issue, Rhoades shares some of the magazine’s goals for the future.

“We are considering next year, if we continue to be successful with TAME throughout 2009, going to six issues a year next year. Ultimately, we would like to be a regional publication that’s in other parts of the country,” she said.

TAME is a free publication, but you can also choose to subscribe and have the magazine mailed to you before it’s available to the public. Portions of the money from subscriptions go toward an animal charity. TAME also works within the community to provide pet-related events like the First Friday Pet Stroll which will be held June 5th on Commercial Street.

For KSMU news, I’m Adam Murphy.