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MSU's Art and Design Gallery to Bring Interactive Experience

Missouri State University’s Art and Design Gallery in downtown Springfield has introduced a new, interactive exhibit.
KSMU’s Ryan Farmer reports on this less-than-usual art form.
Upon walking into an art gallery, typically one would think of an exhibit that displays traditional art works such as Monet, or perhaps modern sculptures.
In today’s digital age, however, the lines of traditional art work are starting to blend with new technology.
“Enfolded” is a new style of art that brings modern designs from the canvas onto the computer screen.
MSU Art and Design professor, Rebecca Xu, is one artist whose work is projected digitally on a screen in this downtown gallery. Xu- "My work will detect the viewers' present and then it will trigure some signals and it will generate a visual based on the signal. Dr. Salsali's piece is more about using a mouse and sometimes the keyboard and then you can move the visual or graphic around. You will be able to interact with it."Xu’s goal with her display is that viewers will come away from it with a different outlook on the art world.Xu- "I was hoping the audience that when they come here they will see something; I wouldn't say will open their eyes, but show them something different. When they get out of this exhibition hopefully they will realize there is more and different art forms rather than just the traditional media."Xu, and Dr. Edmond Salsali, another artist who helped lend his work to the exhibit, hope that this interactivity with art will bridge the gap between the artist’s canvas and the viewer.
“Enfolded” is on display at the Art and Design Gallery on East Walnut Street in downtown Springfield.
The display will run until November 25th.
For KSMU News, I’m Ryan Farmer.