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Firework Stand Operator Offers Safety Tips

As the 4th of July approaches, noise and colors are already appearing in some areas of the night sky. Last Friday, firework stands opened for business around the outskirts of Springfield. KSMU's Benjamin Fry visited a local fireworks tent and has tips on how and where to shoot off your TNT.

That's the sound of a firework named the Colored Flower.

It's sold at Compton's Fireworks tent on West Sunshine in Springfield.

Here, you'll also find more suitably-named pyrotechnics like the Big Block, Screamin' Eagle, and Shoot the Loop.

But also with this firepower comes the risk of serious injury.

Nichol Summers is the operator of this stand. She says common sense should be followed when shooting off any firework.

"Never throw fireworks or shoot fireworks at another person. A lot of people like to have bottle rocket wars and we don't encourage that at all. Keep water handy just in case you have a fire, and fireworks are for outdoors only."

Summers has seen firsthand something you shouldn't do with fireworks.

"My whole family's always been in fireworks and my grandma was not the safe one. She threw a jumping jack in my uncle's boot once, and it really, really burned. Third degree burns on his ankles."

Other tips include not giving fireworks to small children, avoiding igniting them near structures or hay bales, and soaking the used remnants before throwing them away.

In Springfield, shooting off most fireworks within the city limits is banned, with the exception of organized events.

City Spokesperson Louise Whall says safety and noise are the main reasons for this measure.

"In the city it's more densely populated. The concerns about how close you can get to buildings is a very limiting factor on the use of fireworks in general, but the nuisance factor also plays into it."

Setting off fireworks is also limited in nearby towns, so it's best to head to rural areas, where Greene County cannot regulate firework usage.

The exception to this is the Logan-Rogersville Fire Protection District, where the use of fireworks is banned along public roads.

For KSMU news, I'm Benjamin Fry


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