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Senator Hilary Clinton Hasn't Backed Down

Last night, Senator Hilary Clinton decided to stay in the race for the Democratic ticket even though Senator Barack Obama is the presumptive Democratic nominee. KSMU's Kristian Kriner heard from Missouri Democrats and local experts on Clinton's decision.

Senator Clinton hasn't made any decisions about where her campaign will go from here.

Local experts say that there are several options for Clinton such as backing out of the race or trying for the Democratic vice presidential nominee.

George Connor is the acting head of the Political Science Department at Missouri State University.

He says the worst thing Clinton could do is continue to compete against Obama.

"You could hear it in her supporters last night. 'Yes, she will! Yes, she will!' No she won't. And if she presses the issue or demands concessions to be vice president or continues to claim that she won the popular vote. The longer she presses her candidacy and her success means for a disastrous November," Connor said.

Senator Claire McCaskill, who threw her support behind Obama months ago, says Clinton should concede for the sake of party unity.

"I think there will be a lot of disappointed people if she doesn't very quickly do what's right for our party and for our country," McCaskill said.

Connor says even if Clinton does concede it's still not certain her supporters will vote for Obama.

"The biggest question right now is whether Clinton supporters will drop their animosity for Barack Obama and work for the common good or will they sit at home or will they vote for John McCain?" Connor said.

But, Matt Patterson, the Executive Director of the Greene County Democratic Party, says local Democrats will vote for the party's nominee regardless of who it is.

"You know Democrats in Springfield are a pretty committed group of people and we're going to vote for whoever our nominee after eight years of George Bush we're certainly not going to make the mistake and give him a third term by electing John McCain," Patterson said.

For now, Clinton intends to spend the next few days pondering her next step.

In the meantime, Missouri Democrats will be watching and waiting.

For KSMU News, I'm Kristian Kriner.