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American Airlines to Charge for Checking One Bag

If you're planning to travel by air this summer, you might want to develop some new packing skills. KSMU's Jennifer Moore explains why.

If you think your gasoline prices are high, consider this: American Airlines says rising oil prices are adding nearly three billion dollars a year to its fuel bill.

That's partly why the airline has announced it's going to charge passengers fifteen dollars to check a single piece of luggage.

Jaynne Sadberry, a travel consultant at The Travel Group in Springfield, says the new baggage fee will apply to most passengers, but there are a few exceptions.

She said members of American Airlines' frequent flyer program as well as international travelers are exempt from the new fee.

Sadberry said she doesn't expect the new baggage fee to cause people to stop flying, but it may make them think twice about how they pack.

Websites such as offer tips on how to pack lighter and smarter.

American Airlines' new 15 dollar fee for checking a single piece of luggage is set to go into effect June 15.

For KSMU news, I'm Jennifer Moore.


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