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Missouri State University's Public Affairs Conference to Look at Solutions to Violence

Missouri State University is hosting the fourth annual Public Affairs Conference next month. This year's theme looks at solutions to end conflict and violence around the world. KSMU's Jana Greer has more about what this year's conference has in store.

From the streets of Springfield to the deserts in the Middle East, violence and conflict can be found anywhere. But at this year's Public Affairs Conference, Missouri State is asking members of the public to bring their ideas about ways to end these problems. The theme is "Seeking Solutions: Conflict, Violence, and the Courage to Change." Dianne Strickland is the chair for the public affairs conference. She explains the reasoning for this year's theme.

The conference will include more than 20 panel discussions addressing topics such as violence in schools, terrorism and human rights. Strickland says panels will be made up of a diverse group of speakers from around the world.

Strickland says she would like to see this conference not only bring change, but to give people hope.

The conference will be held at Missouri State University April 15-18. The event is free and open to the public. For more details about the conference, you can use the link at


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