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Coach Barry Hinson Reacts After Loss of Contract with Bears

Coach Barry Hinson reacted this morning to the news that Missouri State University will not be renewing his contract as head of the men's basketball team. KSMU's Emily Nash was at the press conference and has more.

Coach Barry Hinson spoke to a handful of reporters and friends at his final press conference as Missouri State's men's basketball coach.

He specifically thanked members of the media and co-workers for their support during his nine year term.

Even though he will not be returning next season, Coach Hinson made it clear he wants only the best for the Bears basketball team.

"I have called every recruit...every recruit and I have told them that I want them to honor their commitment to this university and to this program. I have asked them to be a bear. And I'm ending all rumors today, that I will do anything to sabotage the program. I will not do that."

Coach Hinson never took the team to the NCAA tournament.

Hinson says he takes full responsibility for this.

"If there is anything that I leave here today, that I am sorry for, is I am truly sorry I didn't take you to the NCAA tournament. No one is to blame, but the guy standing right here in front of you in front of this mic. I've said that, and I will stick with it. But the buck stops with me. And for nine years we didn't get there. And I hope next year, more than anything this program gets to go to the NCAA tournament."

When asked what his future plans were, Hinson made it clear he wasn't changing careers.

"Yeah I'm gonna coach. I'm gonna coach. I'm going to take a team to the NCAA tournament. Somewhere, someday.'

Hinson says he's already been contacted for other coaching positions.