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Dickerson Park Zoo Gets New Train from Germany

A new miniature train from Hamburg, Germany was delivered to the Dickerson Park Zoo today. Several private donors provided Friends of the Zoo with funding for the train. KSMU's Greg Leuthen has more.

A huge crane hoisted the green miniature train engine out of its container and dangled it nearly 30 feet above the five men waiting to place it directly on the tracks below. A few minutes later, the train engine that had traveled for several weeks all the way from Hamburg, Germany, had reached its final destination: the train tracks at Dickerson Park Zoo. The Dickerson Park Zoo has offered train rides to its visitors for five years, but until today, it has never owned its own train.

Don Tillman is the Development Director for Friends of the Zoo. He says that when the zoo first started offering train rides, it split the costs and profits with a concessionaire instead of buying its own train.

Tillman says that the C.W. Titus Foundation provided a major part of the funding. He says the new train will be named the "Titus Express" in honor of the foundation's generosity. Expanding the train tracks to go to other parts of the zoo will not be possible because the train cannot pull passengers up steep inclines, but Tillman says there will be a change made to the current track.

Tillman says that your first chance to ride the Titus Express will be March 1st, weather permitting. The new train has five cars, one more than the old train, and it seats about 100 passengers.