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Greene County Will Experiment With New Voting Machines In Tomorrow's Election

Some Greene County residents will be a part of a new experiment during tomorrow's election. Greene County will have a few new voting machines called Electronic Poll Books that are supposed to reduce paperwork. KSMU's Joe Morgan has more on the new machines and offers a preview of tomorrow's election.

It appears the days of paper poll books in Greene County are numbered. Tomorrow at Wanda Gray Elementary School, Greene County election judges will check voters' information electronically with new devices called Electronic Poll Books. Greene County Clerk Richard Struckhoff explains how the new machines work.

Struckhoff says that there will be three of these Electronic Poll Books for poll workers to use.

Struckhoff says that Johnson County, Missouri is the only county that has used this equipment in the past and it was so successful, officials now use it county wide. He says that Greene County is hoping for the same result.

Struckhoff says that voter turnout tomorrow is not expected to be very high.

Struckhoff says there will be several issues on the ballot.

The polls open at 6 in the morning and close at 7 tomorrow evening. For KSMU News, I'm Joe Morgan.