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Red Light Update

On June 30th of this year, the first photo red light camera went up in Springfield at the intersection of Battlefield and National. KSMU's Emily Nash gives us an update on the camera and how it has changed.

For almost four months a photo red light camera has been taking pictures of cars that run reds at the intersection of Battlefield and National.

Louise Whall is teh Public Information Director of the City of Springfield.

Since the original survey of the intersection, Whall says there has been a significant decrease in drivers running red lights.

She says she hopes drivers will continue to keep the caution up, as more red light camera are placed throughout the city.

Whall says to see significant long term changes, the old light has to be considered with the new red light cameras at the Battlefield and Campbell intersection.

Whall says all the photo red lights work as a system together and it is too soon to know if enough money is being made to support them.