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Youth Empowerment Program Confrence

Over one hundred high school students from around the Ozarks met Tuesday to participate in the Youth Empowerment Project Regional Conference. KSMU's Emily Nash was at the conference and files this report.

High school students are working to fund youth programs that are often overlooked.

At the regional Youth Empowerment Project or YEP Conference on Tuesday, high school students exchanged and brainstormed ideas about how to make their YEP better.

Anna Moseley is a senior at Central High School and helped lead the regional conference.

Moseley says YEP works to fund smaller grant proposals from non-profit and community organizations.

Each proposal cannot exceed five hundred dollars.

Moseley says YEP recently provided funding to a science teacher for a new lighting system for a coral reef aquarium.

Each member of the YEP committee is responsible for finding a project in the community that would benefit youth.

The group analyses the grant proposal for its strengths and weaknesses, then decides whether or not to fund it, and how much money to give.

At the conference, students shared ideas for how to advertise grant proposal opportunities in their communities and schools.

Bridget Dierks is the Coordinator of Foundation Relations for the Community Foundation of the Ozarks.

The Springfield YEP is given an endowment by the Community Foundation of the Ozarks.

But other YEP programs around the region have to raise their own money.

Joseph Esch from Ozark High School says his school puts on a talent show each year to raise money for YEP.

He talks to his fellow YEP students at the conference about fundraising.

We have a link to information for the YEP program on our web site at


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