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Homeland Security Terrorist Drill

The Missouri Department of Public Safety is conducting a State Terrorism Exercise this Saturday. KSMU's Emily Nash tells us what this drill is and why it's important to Southwest Missouri.

In Southwest Missouri, we might not think terrorists' attacks are a concern.

But on Saturday, seven Missouri Homeland Security Response Teams will go through a day long drill that prepares them to handle a variety of terrorist situations that could occur in Southwest Missouri.

Terry Durdaller is the Director of Communications for the Missouri Department of Public Safety.

Some of these disasters include a chemical spill, nuclear explosion, and a suicide bomber.

The day will start with a phone call notifying the Department of Public Safety that a terrorist situation has developed.

The Homeland Security Response Teams will respond to the call and will be critiqued throughout the day on how well they handle the situation.

Durdaller says, the seven hour drill is designed to be as realistic as possible.

The drill will take place at the Missouri National Guard's Camp Clark in Nevada, Missouri.

Durdaller says Southwest Missouri isn't exempt from terrorist attacks and needs to be ready to respond.

The Homeland Security Response Teams consist of trained volunteer who are ready to respond anywhere in the state if a terrorist attack occurs.