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Senator Claire McCaskill Visits Local Farm

Senator Claire McCaskill visited a dairy farm in Rogersville Missouri today. As the Senate is preparing to take up the 2007 Farm Bill, McCaskill is spending a few days traveling across Missouri to talk with farmers and agriculture business leaders to see what issues are most important to them. KSMU's Jana Greer has more.

The 2007 Farm Bill will be going to the Senate floor this fall and the outcome will have a direct effect on Missouri farmers. Senator Clair McCaskill made a stop at the M&M Dairy in Rogersville. She says she is traveling to different Missouri farms to try to understand what farmers need.

McCaskills tour includes visits to 13 different farming communities.

Kent Miller is a partner at the M&M Dairy. He says the farming community needs congressional support.

The Farm Bill addresses a wide range of issues including farm subsidies, disaster insurance, conservation and food safety. McCaskill says that the farmers' input and opinions are very important to her.

The bill will be going to the senate this fall and lawmakers are hoping the bill will be in effect by this time next year.