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Governor Blunt Made a Stop in Springfield Monday to sign the New Mo HealthNet Bill

Governor Matt Blunt made a stop in Springfield yesterday morning to sign the new Mo HealthNet bill. The new bill will totally change the Missouri healthcare system which has been in effect for 40 years. KSMU's Joe Morgan was at the signing and has more.

Governor Blunt says the major plus to this new Mo HealthNet system is that Missouri will now be able to use 21st century technology to improve healthcare. He has secured 25 million dollars for a Healthcare Technology Fund to help build a foundation for technology in healthcare. Governor Blunt explains the key elements of the new bill.

State Senator Norma Champion says that the new system will now offer options to all Missouri citizens.

The new Mo HealthNet system has many key components that Governor Blunt says make it better than the previous system.

Another key factor that Governor Blunt says he feels is extremely important is more Missourians can and will be covered by the new system.

Blunt says the system puts people first while assign additional choices. State Senator Michael Gibbons says he feels Missouri's new healthcare system will be one of the nation's best.

For KSMU News, I'm Joe Morgan.