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Human Bodies Exhibition Set to Open in Branson

The internationally known Bodies Exhibition will open soon at 9 Treasure Lake Drive in Branson adjacent to the Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex. The public can observe more than 250 human bodies that have been preserved and dissected into vivid athletic poses by Chinese medical staff. The purpose of the exhibition is to educate people about their own bodies by giving them an in-depth look inside these bodies. KSMU's Joe Morgan reports.

Over 4 million people have visited the Bodies Exhibitions around the world and now, the exhibition will be in Branson through the end of December. The exhibition consists of over 250 bodies that have been preserved using liquid silicone rubber, a process that takes over a year. The Medical Director for Bodies the Exhibition Roy Glover says that many people come in apprehensive but quickly change their minds.

Glover says that this one-of-kind exhibition has been a huge success throughout the world and he expects it to be no different in Branson. He explains the main goal of Bodies the Exhibition.

Visitors will see a variety of human body systems; some are healthy and others are not. Glover says many visitors have had enormous breakthroughs. For example, some quit smoking because of the damaged lungs they saw at the exhibition. He says the exhibition has things you cannot see anywhere else.

Glover says he feels that everyone should come to the exhibition for its educational purposes because he feels it's a life changing experience.

The exhibition was planned to open on June 16th but due to some setbacks its opening has been delayed. For more information about the exhibition or tickets visit For KSMU News, I'm Joe Morgan.