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Free Stroke Screening

Cox Heath Systems is offering a free stroke screening this Wednesday at the Northview Senior Center from 7:30am to 1pm. This screening includes a free risk assessment.

It also explains the symptoms of a stroke as well as gives advice on how to treat and avoid a stroke. KSMU's Joe Morgan explains more about the screening.

According to Cox Health, someone in the United States experiences a stroke every 45 seconds. And according to the Springfield Greene County Health Department, stroke kills 160,000 people annually and is the leading cause of adult disability. To help raise awareness about stroke, Cox Health is offering a free stroke screening this Wednesday to anyone who is interested. Neurologist, Scott Duff explains what will go on at the screening.

Duff says that only about thirty percent of people actually know what a stroke is.

Duff says that after suffering a stroke, the patient has only three to four hours to get medical help before the brain stops blood flow completely. He explains some typical symptoms that everyone should watch for.

During the screening on Wednesday, patients who are discovered to be at high risk of a stroke will be able to speak with a physician and schedule tests or appointments to further assess the problem. Duff says this screening is very important for the whole community.

Duff says that the most important part in avoiding a stroke is to take annual physical assessments very seriously. For more information about the stroke screening, call 269-INFO.