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Emily Fox, CEO of the Discovery Center of Springfield[Part_1]

Emily Fox has headed the Discovery Center of Springfield for several years now. Find out about her part in making the center a reality and about growing up in El Paso, TX. Michele Skalicky reports.

When Emily Fox, C.E.O. of the Discovery Center of Springfield, was in college and when she started her teaching career, she never imagined she'd be where she is today.

Fox earned her bachelor of science degree in education from the University of Texas at Austin and taught for a short time before going into the banking industry in Dallas.

When she and her husband, Steve, moved to Springfield in the late 80s to be closer to his family, she looked for a way to become acclimated to the area and to make new friends. That led to her involvement in the Jr. League of Springfield in 1989 where she would remain an active member for 11 years.

It was thru that organization, that Fox helped to create the Discovery Center of Springfield

By 1996, the Discovery Center was at a point where its organizers and board of directors had raised enough money to start renovating the facility that they were renting

But Fox's gig turned into a full-time position, and she's still there today.

Fox grew up in El Paso, Texas, an experience she says helped her to develop an appreciation for other cultures

As Emily Fox reflects on the people who helped shape her in her early years, her parents immediately come to mind

Fox has the same work ethic as her parents. Outside of work, she stays busy, too

Fox's children—son Taylor and daughter Christina—are in college, so she has more time now to devote to her interests. And she credits a supportive husband for helping her manage all that she has to do.

This afternoon at 4:30 as KSMU's SOC Leadership series continues, Emily Fox talks about, among other things, the new "green" addition at the Discovery Center and her role in making that happen.

This program is available on the web at For KSMU and the SOC series, I'm Michele Skalicky.