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Fall Foliage Duller This Year

The lack of rain this year causes duller autumn leaves in the Ozarks. KSMU's Christy Hendricks reports.

With a rich supply of vegetation across the Ozarks, the fall season turns into an array of colors every year.

But Missouri Department of Conservation biologists say colors this year won't be as vibrant as usual.

John Skinner is an urban forester with the Missouri Conservation Department in Joplin.

He says the drought this year will cause trees to lose their leaves faster, and colors won't be as bright.

Skinner says cottonwood and walnut trees will lose their leaves first while oak trees will keep their leaves longer.

Maple trees as usual will produce spectacular colors.

John Skinner says the peak color during fall will be in early to mid-October and that most leaves will be off trees by late October.

Any rain we receive now, he says, won't help trees produce more vibrant colors.

Skinner says even though this year may be a duller year for fall colors, the medley of changing leaves will still be a worthwhile reason to get out and enjoy the Ozarks.