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Exercise Cools Hot Flashes

A professor at Missouri State University has written a book titled "Action Plan for Menopause", in the book the author states exercising can help cool hot flashes. Katherine Mayo reports.

Barbara Bushman, a professor in the department of health, physical education, and recreation at Missouri State University has released a new book titled "Action Plan for Menopause", co-written by Janice Clark Young, an assistant professor of health and exercise science at Truman State University.

Menopause is that time in a woman's life characterized by miserable hot flashes, weight gain, and the loss of strength, muscle mass, and bone density. Bushman says there is hope in exercise, ecspecially when dealing with hot flashes.

Bushman says to not begin exercising when you feel a hot flash coming on, but to begin an exercise program that will have long-term benefits.

Bushman's book provides the reader with a complete three-step exercise program. She says exercise can also help women build bone density.

Barbara Bushman says the cause of hot flashes or why exercise can help cool them is not known. To find a copy for "Action Plan for Menopause" visit or visit a local bookstore.