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Braving Home: Babs Reynolds

Twenty-five years ago, Babs Reynolds fled her violent ex-husband and escaped to the frigid, remote town of Whittier, Alaska. A former army post, the icy community had no road access until 2000.

Her ex-husband has since died, but Reynolds has no desire to leave the outpost that offered her refuge for so long. She tells journalist Jake Halpern, "it's freedom –- you can live the American dream right here. Everybody just kind of goes along and does their own thing."

Halpern spoke to Reynolds in the second of a five-part series based on his book Braving Home.

As one of the few residents who has endured the Whittier winters, avalanches and bitter winds for more than 20 years, Reynolds has become an indispensable presence in the town. She owns a restaurant, works at the weather station and video store, and delivers newspapers.

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