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SMS Centennial featured on the Phone Book

The Cover of the Latest S.B.C. Springfield/Branson Area Directory salutes the SMS Centennial Celebration. Mike smith has the story.

Standing at the entrance of Carrington Hall, Southwest Missouri State Universitys Administration building, the current and 3 former Presidents of the nearly 100 year old institution, on Monday May 10th, unveiled the cover of the latest S.B.C. Springfield/Branson Area phone directory, which celebrates SMSUs Centennial.

Addressing those gathered at the ceremony, SMS President John Keiser said he and his predecessors, Arthur Mallory, Duane Meyer, and Marshall Gordon, can with pride, look back at their years of service at the university, knowing they all have provided to each graduate, an opportunity to serve their community, family, and the Nation.

Keiser said the cover of the S.B.C. directory reflects SMSUs positive impact on its students over the last 100 years.

The cover of the S.B.C. Springfield/Branson Area phone directory includes a current photo of Meyer Library, and 3 historical photos showing a classroom scene, a school band, and Carrington Hall. It also includes the logo for the SMSU Centennial celebration Daring to Excel, reflecting SMSUs commitment from 1905-2005.

Including this semesters graduates who will be honored Friday May 14th, SMS will have conferred 95,379 degrees since 1906, and while standing in the shade of a large tree in front of Carrington Hall, the 3 former SMSU Presidents talked about the Universitys growth. Mallory remembered seeing impressions left by the wheels of wagons and carriages that remained on the grounds of the university before and during his tenure as President which began in 1964.He went on to tell how improvements to the highway system helped the student population quickly grow. Duane Meyer served as SMSU President from 1970-1983. He talked about adding programs to the SMS system, and the pressure to find enough teachers and dorm space to keep up with the growth. Marshall Gordon, who served as SMSUs President beginning in 1983, remembered the challenges in keeping up with the expanding student population during his administration.

More than 360,000 copies of the directory have been printed for delivery beginning the week of May 10th, and in conjunction with the delivery, organizers will conduct the 15th annual Project Re-Directory which promotes recycling all phone books. From May 25th-June30th, old phone books may be dropped off at a number of locations in the Ozarks. Barbara Lucks, Materials Recovery Coordinator with the City of Springfield says city residents can find out where the nearest drop off site is by calling 864-1904. Residents in other communities can call 1-800-953-4400. Bill Malloy, Operations Manager at the Nestle Purina Pet Care Plant in Springfield says phone books collected in this years campaign will be used to make cat litter sold under the name of Yesterdays News Cat Litter.

Reporting for KSMU News, Im Mike Smith.y.