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E-mail virus tricks users

Another computer virus is making its way through E-mail systems in the area. Mike Smith has the story of the clever way in which users are tricked into opening Pandoras attachment.

In this age of the computer virus, most E-mail users are, by now, wise to the subject lines "HI", "HELLO", or "MESSAGE FOR YOU". We know not to open the attachment, to delete the message, and to dutifully empty the deleted items folder.

But Patrick Day, the Coordinator of Systems and Operations at SMSU says on Wednesday, March 3 rd , in diabolical fashion, someone, some very clever person, structured an E-mail message sent through the SMSU system in such a way as to fool more than just a few. Day says a variant of the Bagel virus called Beagle, with a subject line "warning about your E-mail",

and from " ", made its way through the university system. Day says there were several users who fell for the E-mail's look of legitimacy. Adding to the deception, in the lower right hand corner of the message, was a link to SMSU's home page, . Day says the use of the word "support" in the senders address helped fool those who opened the zip file attachment, but anti virus software used by SMSU Computer Services stopped the problem virus before much damage was done.

Reporting for KSMU News, I'm Mike Smith