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State to Issue New Driver's Licenses

To cut down onthe use of fake ID's, Missouri will soon issue new driver's licenses.

Missouri will, beginning today, issue new driver's licenses in certain parts of the state. Chris Stock is the branch manager at the Department of Revenue Office of Drivers Licensing and Motor Vehicles. She says the new licenses will have security features designed to cut down on the production of counterfeits: (Audio: Chris Stock)

Stock says the new security features include a second, smaller picture at the bottom of the license, and a bar code on the back: (Audio: Chris Stock)

Another security feature will cut down on the use of counterfeit ID's to gain access to drinking establishments: (Audio: Chris Stock)

The new licenses will be available in Jefferson City beginning today, (April 15) and will be issued in Fulton, Columbia, and Jefferson City later this month. The Department of Revenue will issue them in Springfield beginning May 15th. Statewide, the new licenses will be available by the end of June. Reporting for KSMU News, I'm Mike Smith