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Foster Care Investigative Team

Sherry Finnell says it was in the heat of a custody battle that false complaints of abuse and neglect were filed against her.

She says she felt helpless, having to respond to every whim of case orkers in the division of family services and juvenile court system.

Sherry regions-runs :

Just last Thursday, officials officially closed Finelle's case.

She now has full custody of her eight year old daughter.

But for her, the issue isn't closed.

She started a support group in February called whose children are they?

The group is dedicated to helping parents whose children have been put into foster care on questionable allegations of abuse.

Finelle says she has a lot of empathy for those parents.

Missy server-sherry3a, new3b, newnew3c regions-runs :21Finelle has been working to get a large turnout at tonight's meeting of Missouri's foster care investigative team.

The public will have from 6 to 9 to share their comments about the foster care system.

Finelle says people from all over the Ozarks will attend'there's even supposed to be families driving down from Kansas City.

Finelle says she's hoping for a good turnout.

Missy server-sherry2a region-runs :20

As Finelle prepares to share her comments with the investigative team tonight, she's thinking about how the foster care system changed herdaughter'she says her child was shuffled between three different foster homes in a single month.

She says that has had a lasting impact on her child.

Missy server-sherry4, newnewnew4a, 4b-4d regions-runs :50

If you want to attend tonight's public hearing, it begins at 6 and lasts till 9. It will be held in the training center building auditorium at city utilities of Springfield, located at 301 east central.