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Hogs for Cops

The Springfield Police Department unveiled its new fleet of police motorcycles at a ceremony Wednesday. Eight 2002 Harley-Davidson Road Kings have been added to the police department's motorcycle unit.

Police Chief Lynn Rowe explains how the Springfield Police Department can afford the shiny new Harleys. Springfield police will lease the Harleys for one year, then they have the option of trading them in for newer models.

Rowe says the motorcycle unit is used mostly for traffic enforcement.

Motorcycles are also used for police escorts and parades.

Lieutenant Randy Blackburn, commander of the motorcycle unit, says Police Department Road Kings are basically the same as consumer models.

The Springfield Police Department has used Harley-Davidson motorcycles since the 1920s. A newly restored 1926 Harley, once used by Springfield police, is now on display at the police department's Calaboose Museum, at 409 West McDaniel in downtown Springfield.