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Catholics in Springfield React

At St Elizabeth Ann Seton church, Father Fergus Monaghan chose not to about what happened last week in Vatican city. Parish life seems normal for Catherine Bryant, a 15 year-old who regularly attends mass. She says even though the sex scandal isn't being addressed in mass every week, it's a regular topic in church classes.

Catherine Bryant says, "We have discussed it in our confirmation class and the middle school classes'I think all of us feel we need to be aware of what's going on'Just because we're children doesn't mean we should be left out of what's going on."

The children aren't the only parishioners talking about it. Linda Bryant, a registered nurse wasn't concerned that church leaders failed to craft a no-tolerance policy for pedophile priests.

She says, "It seems like a work in progress. It's hasn't ended. Sometimes in America, we're impatient. We want it to happen right now. I see it as a real hopeful that they didn't make a decision on the spur of the moment that we would have to live with that wasn't a good decision." But Vicki Burkland, the church's youth director was disappointed that bishops did not take a stronger stance.

Vicki Burkland says, "It's time to realize we can't put them back into society. It's a disease and it's not something we can ignore. It's time we step up to the plate and protect our children and not put these people back into areas where they'll be back with kids again."

Father Fergus and many of his parishioners say their faith is not shaken'It's people outside the catholic church they worry about the most'people around the country who only hear about the scandal and don't know that parish life goes on as normal.

I'm Missy Shelton for KSMU news.