The Victim Center

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April is Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Month, and as part of it, Go Blue Day will be observed tomorrow with people wearing blue and planting blue pinwheels around their homes and businesses.  Some buildings will also "go blue" with special lights.  Child abuse and neglect is a significant problem in the Ozarks, one of Greene County's "Red Flag" issues since the early 2000's.

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The domestic violence issue in Springfield will be front and center during an awareness event on Thursday.

Unite Springfield against Domestic Violence is a town hall style forum, now in its second year, presented by the Springfield News-Leader.

“We just want people to be aware of the problem, and maybe more importantly to see ways they can help,” said Stephen Herzog, the paper’s engagement editor.

Rare Breed
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With the holiday giving season now over, it’s easy for people to resume their normal routine and put thoughts of charitable giving behind them. But thanks to a grant gifted by the Community Foundation of the Ozarks, three agencies are giving back to the area’s homeless youth.

CASA of Southwest Missouri, the Victim Center, and Rare breed were gifted a grant of $30,000 earlier this month to work with homeless youth who have been victims of crime. The collaboration is set to begin on Monday.

Beth Atchison is the executive director of the local CASA branch.