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Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Month Designed to Raise Awareness


April is Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Month, and as part of it, Go Blue Day will be observed tomorrow with people wearing blue and planting blue pinwheels around their homes and businesses.  Some buildings will also "go blue" with special lights.  Child abuse and neglect is a significant problem in the Ozarks, one of Greene County's "Red Flag" issues since the early 2000's.  And there are several organizations working to address the problem.  Brandi Bartel, executive director of the Victim Center, Holly Beadle, executive director of Isabels House, Beth Atchison, executive director of  CASA of Southwest Missouri and Linda Regan, development director at the Child Advocacy Center discuss the problem of child abuse and neglect locally, what their organizations are doing to help and how the public can get involved through volunteering and monetary donations.