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City of Springfield

Springfield City Council is considering striking city ordinance that deals with aggressive panhandling.  At a meeting Monday, members discussed the alternatives to the ordinance.

City attorney Dan Wichmer said there are other measures in place to deal with people asking for money who pose a threat.

Fulnecky for Springfield

Springfield City Councilwoman Kristi Fulnecky plans to run for Springfield mayor  in 2017.  In what she calls "A Contract with Springfield," Fulnecky outlines things she would focus on.  The contract reads:

1.) Support police officers and the police department.  This will in turn, decrease crime and help retain trained and experienced police personnel.

2.) Support firefighters and the fire department, and focus on public safety.

City of Springfield

One day after submitting his letter of resignation from Springfield City Council, Justin Burnett decided to stay.  KSMU Michele Skalicky has more.

The Zone 2 councilman rescinded his resignation Friday after reconsidering based on reactions from constituents.  City attorney, Dan Wichmer, said the resignation could be rescinded prior to the effective date, which in this case would have been 11:59 Friday night.

Justin Burnett

Less than a day after announcing he will step down from Springfield City Council, Justin Burnett has rescinded his resignation.

Brian Marks / Flickr

It’s now illegal to tether a dog in the City of Springfield for long periods of time.  City Council members unanimously passed an amendment last night to Springfield city code on the recommendation of the Animal Issues Task Force.

The task force says fixed-point tethering of dogs can lead to animal aggression and can threaten the health and safety of the animals.