Burrell Behavioral Health

Aaron Scott / Community Foundation of the Ozarks

“If people have seen the movie Thelma and Louise, and at the end of the movie, they drive their car right off the cliff.  That’s what it’s like for me at times”, says Carolyn Crawford.  “When I know I’m going into a manic state, I have to stop and say ‘Wait a Minute’, and pull back from the cliff.  That’s how it affects me.  But I really didn’t know what it was”, Crawford said.   

Liz Delany/KGBX

“I hear the comments,” said KGBX Morning Host Liz Delany. “You know, 'She’s a little crazy.  Oop, don’t make her mad, she’s on medication.' Or, 'Sometimes she’s a little imbalanced, she might be having one of those days.'   I guess if I was a 'normal' person, if you will, I might say something like that,” Delany said.  

Branson Police Department

An effort in Branson by multiple agencies is aimed at preventing overdose deaths.  The Overdose Response Team was formed in January.  It’s a partnership between the Branson Police Department and the Missouri Coalition for Community Behavioral Health.  That includes Burrell Behavioral Health, the Stone and Taney County Substance Use Initiative and the Combined Ozarks Multi-Jurisdictional Enforcement Team.

Branson Police lieutenant, Sean Barnwell, said the team was formed after they started seeing an increase in overdose calls.

Courtesy of Rhonda Mammen

This week on Making Democracy Work, host Lisa Langley speaks with Rhonda Mammen, director of counseling services at Springfield Public Schools.

Today’s discussion explores growing mental health concerns in area youth and how SPS is partnering with Burrell to address those needs in the school.

Exceptional Warriors

“PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury, that’s basically the wound of Iraq and Afghanistan.  The signature wound, if you will, is the TBI," said Anthony Norris, a graduate of Nixa High School.

On this edition of "Let’s Talk About It! Normalizing Mental Health Conversations," from the ongoing KSMU series Making a Difference, we hear about the mental health journey Norris finds himself on.

In 2006 during his senior year at Drury University, Norris chose to delay graduation and pharmacy school, to join the U.S. Army.