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Protesters Rally During President Bush's Visit to Springfield

While over four thousand supporters of President George W. Bush welcomed him at a rally in Springfield at the Expo Center, protesters stood across the street holding signs and chanting their complaints. KSMU's Christy Hendricks has more on the protest.

Over two hundred people stood across the street of the Springfield Exposition Center Friday morning protesting President George W. Bush's visit to the Ozarks.

The President came to town to rally support for incumbent Senator Jim Talent who is running against Democratic State Auditor Claire McCaskill.

Many held signs protesting the war in Iraq, some reading "War is not pro-life," "Make love, not war", and "Bush has no Talent."

Earl Bolinger, a World War Two veteran, was outside the Expo Center nearly two hours before the President was scheduled to speak.

Bolinger, a former VFW district commander, says many veterans do not support Jim Talent and held a homemade sign protesting domestic issues.

Jim Kabell is the Secretary/Treasurer of the local Teamsters Union.

He was at the rally.

Kabell says the Teamsters disagree with the President and Jim Talent about the economy of the country.

One group of protesters paraded through town with a large scarecrow called "Uncle Sham" and a coffin with the word "democracy" written on it.

Midge Potts organized the group called International Coalition of Autonomous Individuals.

Young and old came out to protest.

Several college students showed up holding signs.

Jason Van Cleve, a junior at Missouri State University, held a poster listing the names of soldiers killed in Iraq.

He says the turn out of young adults at the rally makes a statement.

In an exclusive interview with KSMU, White House spokesman Tony Snow had a message for the protestors.

Protestors say they are happy to exercise their freedom of speech and just want their voices to be heard.