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The Mystery Hour Raising Money To Erase Medical Debt

The Mystery Hour

The Springfield-based late night show The Mystery Hour is partnering with a nonprofit organization to forgive medical debts across Missouri. The fundraising campaign needs 27,000 dollars to eliminate 2.7 million dollars of debt in the Ozarks area. 

RIP Medical Debt is a nonprofit that uses donations to buy medical debt from collectors in bulk, allowing for every dollar raised to forgive 100 dollars of debt.  Now, The Mystery Hour has joined hands with the group to launch a local campaign.  

The money raised in this campaign will go toward people in fifteen counties in Missouri based on financial need.

The host of The Mystery Hour, Jeff Houghton, says this debt forgiveness is like a holiday miracle. He told KSMU, “My favorite thing about this is that the people that receive the generosity – that get their medical debt forgiven – they will get a letter in the mail. After this is all said and done they’ll get a letter in the mail saying their debt has been forgiven. And I just love that so much. And so I guess there’s people out there right now who don’t know this will happen for them.”

The Mystery Hour announced this partnership during a live show, raising more than 2,000 dollars that night alone. The campaign runs until the end of the year. There's more information about The Great Ozarks Forgiveathon and RIP Medical Debt at