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Bolivar Technical College Celebrates 10 years and Expanded Academics

Bolivar Technical College

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Bolivar Technical College has not only expanded in size, but also in depth of academia. What started as a 10,000 square-foot sister school of Texas County Technical College, BTC has developed into a 28,000 square-foot campus that offers intensified courses and connections to the area hospital.

Charlotte Gray, founder of TCTC and BTC says that the move has had a major effect on students and faculty.

“In the new building, now we can actually expand our nursing programs and our laboratories, like our science labs with chemistry, anatomy, and physiology with dissections, so it’s been a huge plus.”

While the expanded size won’t factor into enrollment numbers until the fall semester, Gray estimates that student numbers will be up from the original 50-60 enrollees to 250-300.

The college has also chosen to include new simulation labs which offers hands on learning for students. The new labs also teach students to draw from their own knowledge to aid the patient.

“In the simulation environment, with the mannequins because they’re computerized mannequins, we can actually program the mannequins to have those symptoms. It brings students to the next level in learning because we can create something abnormal or something they might not see as much.”

The larger campus size also provides the college with the opportunity to enroll more students in an additional Professional Nursing or “RN” program. Instead of applicants being denied access to classes due to inferior space, students can now enroll every fall semester.

Going forward, the college wishes to remain true to its symbiotic relationship with Citizens Memorial Hospital in the hopes of filling local nursing needs.

“It’s according to the need because we don’t want to be in an area where we’re providing training and people can’t get jobs, that’s just not fair. Our goal is to expand some of the programs according to the need.

As of now, the college offers a nearly 100 percent job placement at Citizens Memorial Hospital or surrounding area hospitals.

For more information on enrollment or to learn more about the college itself, visit their website here.