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SmartLaser Lift Offered in Southwest Missouri

Dr. Keith Laferriere, a surgeon with Laferriere and Kienstra Facial Plastic Surgery, has used SmartLaser Lift technology on more than 100 people since he started offering it a little less than a year and a half ago.

The technique, he says, was originally used in body sculpting—the laser would emulsify fat so that it could be removed and sculpted.  According to Laferriere, some of the pioneers of the technology started using it some for fat sculpting and contouring in the neck.

From there, they decided to try combining the laser with face lifts.  Laferriere says he was skeptical at first…

"But then I started to see the results.  They seemed to be better than what we were getting before, so we combined this SmartLaser with face lifting techniques."

He says he decided to start offering the technique after talking with a surgeon who uses it…

"I actually went out and watched him do this and then saw some of his results, and I'm always looking for ways to get better at what we do, and I felt that this had the opportunity to even improve upon the results that we were already getting." 

The laser heats the deep thermal layers of the skin, which Laferriere says are the collagen-producing layers…

"Heat does cause collagen formation and some skin contraction or tightening and so it kind of adds to what you're doing with the face lift by adding some tightening of the skin as well." 

Laferriere says since they’ve started combining SmartLaser Lift with face lift procedures, the results have been uniformly better than they were getting before.  It can be used as early as the late 30s and 40s without the face lift, and Laferriere says he recently used the technique along with a face lift procedure on a patient in her early 80s.

According to Laferriere, the laser has a low complication rate—he says none of his patients has had any complications following the procedure.

His office has launched a website— showcase the technology.  It features two women—Peggy and Faye—who tell the story of their experiences in video diaries as they undergo face lift and the use of SmartLaser Lift technology.  You can also view before and after photos of them and other patients. 

For KSMU News, I'm Michele Skalicky.