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Learn about the Yin and Yang of Technology at Public Affairs Conference


When you think about technology, perhaps you consider the huge biomedical advances it has propelled forward. Or perhaps you think of the family dining at a restaurant that can’t be bothered to hold conversation – instead they are enraptured by their smartphones.

Technology. It’s yin and yang.

Dr. Paul Durham, distinguished professor of biology at Missouri State University, is serving as the lead for this year’s public affairs conference, The 21st Century Digital World.

The conference will tell of the incredible advances that have happened thanks to technology, as well as those that are on the horizon. And it will be balanced with some of the detrimental outcomes society has seen that are often attributed to these advances.

The conference, which will be held Oct. 1-3 on the MSU campus, will be headlined by Bobby Bones, the most popular country music DJ in America. 

The full schedule is available online at